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Booking Through Thursday: Queue & Replay

I had no idea what “Booking Through Thursday” was until Both Eyes Book Blog informed me.  It’s a blog!  Who knew?!  

Every Thursday they pose a question, usually about books and reading, and the bloggers whom are interested post their answers to the questions.  It seems like a great way to get out there, meet other bloggers and get some publicity to your site as well!  Plus, I love answering questions!

So those of you who didn’t know what “Booking Through Thursday” was…now you do!  Check them out! 

Booking Through Thursday

Last Week’s Question(s):

What are you reading now?

Currently I’m reading “Unlikely Friendships” by Jennifer S. Holland.

Would you recommend it?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

And what’s next?

I have about 10 books, which I have purchased over the summer, yet to be read so it will definitely be one of those.  And those range from autobiographies, travel memoirs, 2 Jane Goodall books and some writing books.

This Week’s Question:

Have you ever finished a book and loved it so much that you went right back and started re-reading it again?

I have never re-read a book right away.  After I read something, I like to take a few days and let it all soak in so I can appreciate it more.  If I really like a book, after I’m finished reading it, I usually look at the cover for a long time and think about what I just read.  But I have re-read lots of books but with a good period of time in between each read.  I think the most times I’ve read a book was 5 times and that was with all of the Harry Potter books!  Love them!


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