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Goodbye Borders

It’s the final week of Border’s book store.  This is very sad for me for two reasons.  

A) Borders is/was the only book store by my house!


B) I used to go in Borders and pretend that my future book (which I do plan on writing after college) was featured there and people would be crowded around it, buying the copies like hot cakes.  (When I told my sister this reason, she replied sympathetically, “Oh!  That’s depressing!”)

With that said, I made sure that I went to my closing local Borders and stocked up on the cheap books.  I recommend everyone does the same.  Everything is 70-90% off and they’re selling the ENTIRE store.  The light fixtures, the bar area, the book and magazine racks, the shelves, the couches and chairs and tables.  EVERYTHING is going!

I walked out of there with 5 books – two on Jane Goodall, one on a lion, one on journalism and one on writing.  For all 5 books, I spent $30.00 and on the bottom of my receipt it stated in bold letters: YOU HAVE SAVED $55.00 TODAY!

It’s definitely worth it and if not to just buy cheap books then to say goodbye to Borders.


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