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My Lovelies:

Bailey the Dog and Ocean the Cat

Bailey is a rescue Boxer from the Humane Society.  She’s sweet, gentle and I swear the only thing that goes on in her head is elevator music!

We got Ocean from a house that had free kittens for sale.  Even though he’s 4 years old, he’s a kitten at heart.  He’s rowdy, naughty and extremely annoying!

*FYI: While Ocean is our little baby and we love him dearly, it was very irresponsible of us to get him from a house that had kittens for sale.  While animals from pet stores and from “for sale” houses will always be purchased, there are animals in Humane Societies and shelters who will never have a home.  Ocean was our only non-adopted pet (and we’ve had many animals) and will probably be our last non-adopted pet.  ALWAYS ADOPT!*


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  1. I love the picture, they are so cute together!!

    Great start, looks goos this blog!


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