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Speckled Berries

So I was taking Bailey, the dog, for a walk in our backyard woods and I stumbled upon these berries.

I have no clue what kind they are and they were the only ones on a green leaf plant.  Half are pure red and the other ones are white with red speckles – kind of looks like an egg.

They’re pretty cool and I would love to know what kind of berries they are.  I’d taste them but I don’t want to die so we can’t determine by the taste.

If there is anyone knowledgeable in berries, I would love to find out what they are!  Can’t really find anything on them on Google.

Here is where I found them:

In a backyard woods area in Michigan.

– Picked them off of a green leaf plant and they were the only ones.

If any one knows or has a guess, then please comment and help me out!

Thanks!  🙂


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  1. i found them right here in kentuky it was right beside my neighbors mailbox


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