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Pet Shop Boys Record Wall Clock

Lately I have been obsessed with clocks and making them.  I got the idea from a shop in Holland, MI where I saw a clock made out of a vintage book.  I LOVED it.  

After I saw that, every random object looked like it could be turned into a clock.  I started doing research, mainly on Etsy, and found so many good ideas of different items that could become a unique clock.  

I’m a thrift store and garage/yard/estate sale junkie – I got this from my mother when as a child we even went on “garbage picking” days.  Usually, I only buy clothes from thrift stores but once I realized I wanted to make clocks, I searched for everything from books to plates with pretty designs.

Last week I ordered $54.00 worth of clock parts and they finally arrived last night.  I couldn’t wait to get started and since I’m a naturally inpatient person, I immediately began making a clock.

My first clock I made out of a 1988 Pet Shop Boys Record.


I just created an Etsy site and this clock is officially up for sale.

I will be listing more items soon but in the meantime, visit my Etsy shop at:

I will also do custom orders, as I have many materials, so if you would like a unique and custom ordered clock, then email me at: 

You can also purchase through this blog.  I accept PayPal and Money Order payments.

Thanks for looking!



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