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One Day [Movie Review]

After seeing the trailer for this movie, I made a mental list to see it.  Finally, my sister, cousin and I went and saw it last night.  Here are my thoughts on it.


Title: One Day

Director: Lone Scherfig (Denmark)

Writer: David Nicholls (England)

Cinematographer: Benoit Delhomme (France)

Starring: Anne Hathaway (USA); Jim Sturgess (England)

Year Released: 2011

Synopsis: “After spending the night together on the night of their college graduation Dexter and Em are shown each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.”

One Day Poster


My Review:

Romance movies are becoming more and more typical and their endings more and more predictable.  As much as we root for the love interests to get together, we sometimes secretly wish for a twist that would shift the entire story in seconds.  “One Day” provided that twist and whether or not it was satisfying, it sure was surprising.

Along with the unpredictable ending, the acting is what made the movie.  As the movie is set in England, the actors obviously needed to be or act English.  While Jim Sturgess, the male lead, is originally from the UK, Anne Hathaway, the female lead and originally from New York, really gave her all in this role.  Her accent was spot-on (at least from an American’s point-of-view) and she really developed into her character, Emma.  Jim Sturgess played his role as the irresponsible party-boy Dexter very well also.  Not to mention the natural chemistry between Hathaway and Sturgess is what made their love scenes believable.

 While the characters were believable, the character development was not.  The way Emma and Dexter became “friends” was not realistic.  It seemed that it happened in a second with an important part of their first meeting taken out.  Forget “friends”, they seemed destined to be “lovers” from the beginning.  This small note can be overlooked, however, it made for a confusing introduction.

Overall, “One Day” is a movie worth seeing.  It may not be an “award-winner” but it sure is one that watchers will remember for awhile.


*Note: The review above is written by me.  ©Kalie Lyn 2011*


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  1. Glad to see you liked it! The author of the book and the screenwriter for the movie is one of my favourite writers of all time! Lone Scherfig is a fabulous director and didn’t disappoint. The book is incredible as is the movie!


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