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The Bitter End

Today we’re at my favorite place in the States – The Bitter End Coffeehouse.

Situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it is one of those places that gives me inspiration and contentment.  The ceiling is probably from the original building and its walls are covered with famous vintage photographs and quirky quotes.  The bathroom, a one stall, has photos of naked women and a quote that reads, “Bridge is a lot like sex.  If you don’t have a good partner then you’d better have a good hand!”.  The music, mostly classical and jazz, adds to the relaxing atmosphere where so many college students come to study.  And while it’s not in the best of neighborhoods (quite a few crackheads pass by), that feature adds to the brilliance of this place.

My sister and cousin, the two people whom are also my best friends, attend school at Grand Valley University.  When I come to visit them, they know that we will be spending at least one full day at The Bitter End.  Even though I don’t have homework (as I start college in January) I still just love to relax, read, work on my blog, and do whatever I feel like.  This place brings me serenity and I wish I lived above it.

If you’re ever in Grand Rapids, MI and love a European-style coffeehouse, then I recommend you come to The Bitter End.  You will not only love the atmosphere but also the cheap coffee and cold or hot beverages.  Plus, for those who smoke, The Bitter End has outside seating and the tables are accompanied with ashtrays, even though MI law says you can’t smoke within 20 feet of a restaurant or food establishment.  I guess The Bitter End is in its own world!  

Comment and tell us all what your place of inspiration and contentment is!

*Note: The picture above was taken from Google images.*


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