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Animal Facts

I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with animals and love learning new facts that we are finding out every day about our different species friends.  A few months back, I checked the Detroit Zoo’s Facebook page daily for the fun animal facts they would put up.  I thought I’d share some that were especially interesting!

  • A group of Crows is called a “murder”.


  • The male Tiger Salamander is very devious.  He sometimes impersonates a female in order to sneak in a deposit his sperm on top of a rival male.


  • The Two-Toed Sloth moves at a pace of about 0.15MPH.  (Imagine being behind him!)

  • According to wildlife researchers, tigers and other big cats are attracted to Calvin Klein’s cologne, “Obsession for Men”.

  • A group of Rhinos is called a “crash”.

  • Ostriches use their powerful legs for defense.  One kick of a leg, equipped with sharp claws, is enough to kill a lion.  (Would NOT want to be in a fight with an Ostrich!)

  • The Mata-Mata Turtle eats by opening its mouth and sucking in the food like a vacuum.  (When I read this, it reminded me of Patrick from Spongebob, the way he eats!)


  • A Camel’s feet can be as big as a dinner plate.  The large surface helps protect it from sinking into the desert sand.  (I read this before I went to Morocco.  When I got to Morocco, I made sure to look at a Camel’s feet and sure enough, they are HUGE!)


  • Like human finger prints, every Tiger has a unique paw print called a “pug mark”.

  • No two Giraffe’s spot patterns are exactly the same.

  • Meerkats were the first wild animal to star in their own reality television series.
*Note: The facts were taken from the Detroit Zoo’s Facebook page and the pictures were taken from Google Images*

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