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Booking Through Thursday: In Public

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Do you carry books with you when you’re out and about in the world?


I do.  Back in Spain, whenever I have a long trip on the metro or train, I make sure I always have my book with me.  I don’t care if it weighs my purse down, I love reading while passing the beautiful scenery of Madrid.  And I never know when I’ll have some downtime or will stop at a coffee house so a book is usually with me.


And, do you ever try to hide the covers?


Usually I’m so immersed in whatever I’m reading that I don’t take notice of whether or not people are staring.  And no, I don’t hide the covers.  Maybe people will see me reading something and they’ll want to read it and go and pick up a copy themselves!?


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  1. You’re right, you never know when you could have unexpected free time to read!
    Here’s Mine


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