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My Listy List: 5 Ways to Fight Writer’s Block

Millions of people everywhere suffer from one annoying setback – Writer’s Block.  I had it this morning and it lasted for a good couple of hours.  My mind just went blank and everything that I wrote looked like gibberish and made no sense.  

Everyone has their own solution and method of getting past their brain freezing, word jumbling writers block and here is my list of 5 ways to get around this irritating hurdle.




  • Stop thinking.  Literally. Just stop thinking.  Get up from the computer, notepad or whatever else you were working on and just leave.  Go as far away from your writing as possible and sit on the floor, taking the phrase “down to earth” as literal as possible.  Close your eyes and focus on the blackness.  Think of nothing else and do a sort of meditation.  I know it sounds hard, especially for someone like me whom is always thinking, but if you do this for 5-10 minutes, or until you can’t take it anymore, your mind will be refreshed and ready to think again.  It’s kind of like a detoxing for your brain.


  • Exercise.  Exercise stimulates the body and the brain.  Whether you’re jogging, doing push-ups or sit-ups or just taking a walk, exercise will give your mind a rest or give your brain that extra boost to think of your next words.


  • Play with your kids, siblings or pets.  Being with other people or beings will take your mind off your work and keep you “in the moment”.  You will totally forget about your writing until you are ready to go back or when your brain sparks that great idea.


  • Light some incense/candle, put on a sad song and cry.  I try to do this at least once a month.  It not only cleanses your tear ducts but also your mind.  You’ll feel exhausted afterword but extremely relieved.  Your body will feel like it’s floating and you will be able to sit down with nothing on your mind and start new.


  • Have sex.  Not only do you burn calories when you have sex, but it also relieves headaches and stress.  Your mind will be rejuvenated afterword and plus you’ll walk away feeling good!
*Note: the pictures on this post were taken from Google Images.  The list however, is my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011*


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  1. I can also recommended screaming until you pass out. You’ll wake up with at least one good story.

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