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Spain, Here I Come!

So, after 4 months of stress, expenses and a butt ton of paperwork, I FINALLY have my Spanish student visa!

We just spent 5 hours driving from my home in MI to Chicago and then back another 5 hours, just for a 3 minute visa pick-up.  It was so nice to have my passport back – as they had took it when I applied for my visa – and even better to have my new student visa neatly attached to one of the passport pages.

I can officially go back to Madrid, Spain on October 1st.  Within the first month of being back, I will have to apply for my DNI (ID) card which will be my ticket around Spain, and around the rest of Europe, for the next 4 or so years.

My freshman year at St. Louis University -Madrid Campus starts in January so I have 3 months to get everything settled and ready for the upcoming new chapter in my life.  

I couldn’t be happier and what has been one of the most stressful and challenging summers of my life, has finally paid off!  I will be back in Madrid and with my Spanish boyfriend, Sergio in no time!



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  1. FINALLY!!!!



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