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Sunday Question #1

I didn’t blog yesterday so this is making up for lost time.  Here is Sunday’s question of the day and my answer.


When traveling, what sort of transportation do you prefer?  Example: train, plane, car, boat…etc.


Well, since a lot of my traveling involves going overseas, flying by plane is the best and fastest option.  I tend to get sea-sick and as much as I’d love to sail around the world, I don’t think I could handle boats for a long period of time.  Trains I love.  I love everything about them and I love taking the train in Madrid.  Too bad, there’s no way to get from Michigan to Spain by train.  And I do like going on road-trips by car.  I plan on taking a year-long road trip but I would like an RV or motor home for that.  

All-in-all, I wish I trains could go everywhere all over the world.  That would be my ideal transportation type!

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