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The Geography of Bliss (Review)

For me, reading travel stories, books and literature gets me through the times when I, myself, am not personally traveling.  I love hearing about other’s adventures, experiences and mishaps around the world and combine it with a little history and research, and I’m in it until the last word!


Title:  The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World

Author: Eric Weiner

Synopsis: “Using the ancient philosophers and the much more recent “science of happiness” as his guide, Weiner travels the world in search of the happiest places. Many authors have attempted to describe what happiness is; fewer have shown us where it is, and what we can learn from the inhabitants of different cultures. 
As Weiner makes his way from Iceland (one of the world’s happiest countries) to Bhutan (where the king has made Gross National Happiness a national priority) to Moldova (not a happy place), he calls upon the collective wisdom of “the self-help industrial complex” to help him navigate the path to contentment.”

ISBN: 978-0446580267



 My Review:

We all want to know the “secret of happiness” and where we should move to find this “bliss”, yet where do we begin?  Uprooting his own life for the quest, The Geography of Bliss author, Eric Weiner, takes his readers on an adventure to the happiest – and not so happy – countries of the world.  Written with humor, knowledge and unashamed candor, this book is hard to put down. 

Readers will enjoy the different countries that are featured.  For each country, Eric Weiner explores the elements and people of the country, what makes it a happy or unhappy place, and asks its citizens one simple question: “are you happy?”.  His wit and description of his travels have some similarity to that of Bill Bryson’s and yet, Weiner stands out as a travel writer on his own.

While one more “unhappy” country could have been explored, the 9 places that were featured are ones that are seldom in other travel stories.  It was very interesting to read about Moldova, Qatar and Iceland, along with all of the other countries.

The Geography of Bliss is a recommended read.  It is funny and thought-provoking and will be a book that you pass on to others.


Purchase it at here: The Geography of Bliss   

*Note: The review above is written by me.  © Kalie Lyn 2011*


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