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“20 Principles of Life”

I’m currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (which I will review after I’m done) and it got me thinking.  At the beginning of the book, she created her own “12 Commandments”, twelve personal principles and lessons, for her to live by and after reading them, I decided to make my own list.  However, they aren’t going to be called “commandments” because A) it reminds me too much of Religion and B) these aren’t orders or rules, they are principles and reminders.

Here are the author’s “12 Commandments”:

1. Be Gretchen.

2. Let it go.

3. Act the way I want to feel.

4. Do it now.

5. Be polite and be fair.

6. Enjoy the process.

7. Spend out.

8. Identify the problem.

9. Lighten up.

10. Do what ought to be done.

11. No calculation.

12. There is only love.

I, however, couldn’t think of just 12, so I went farther.

Here are my “20 Principles of Life”:

1. Be You.

2. You are Your Own God.

3. Create Your Own Destiny.

4. Nothing is Impossible.

5. Remember the Past; Live in the Present; Plan for the Future.

6. Always Dream.

7. Your Opportunities are Endless.

8. Your Relationships are More Important than Your Objects.

9. Respect Mother Nature.

10. Love Dependently; Live Independently.

11. No one is “Normal”.

12. Prove Them Wrong.

13. Laugh Out Loud.

14. Always Seek Out the Adventure.

15. Explore Everything.

16. Savor Every Moment.

17. Create the World You Wish to Live In.

18. Calm Down and Breathe.

19. Life is Play.

20. You are Existence.

I think everyone should have some set goals and principles to live by.  Now that you know mine, I’d love to hear yours.

Leave a comment below with your 1 or more principles that you believe are important to remember in life.


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  1. I’ve heard about The Happiness Project and it’s on my booklist. I’ll look forward to hearing what you think!


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