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Today in History: October 4th

October 6th


~ Births:

1897: Florence Seibert –

Florence Seibert, an American biochemist born in Easton, Pennsylvania, she is known “for isolating a pure form of tuberculin used in the standard TB test”.

As a child, Florence contracted polio, which left her walking with a limp but it never interfered with her life and work.  In 1990, she was added to the U.S. National Woman’s Hall of Fame and in August 1991, at the age of 94, she died.


~ Deaths:

– 1951: Will Keith Kellogg – 

Will Keith Kellogg, best known for his cereal brand, Kellogg, was a businessman of many trades.  Not only did he start the Kellogg Company, the producer of breakfast cereal, but he also founded the Kellogg Arabian Ranch, an eventual renowned establishment for breeding Arabian horses, and started the Kellogg Foundation, which donated more than $66 million in Kellogg Company stock and investments.


Will Keith Kellogg died in Battle Creek, MI due to heart failure at the age of 91.


~ Events:

– 1927: The Jazz Singer is released –

Produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., The Jazz Singer became the first feature-length motion picture with dialogue sequences.  Directed by Alan Crosland, this film marked the decline of the silent-film era.


~ Holidays:

German-American Day –

A holiday in the United States, German-American Day is a holiday which celebrates German American heritage.

Originally started in the 19th century, German-American Day was ended during World War I because of the anti-German attitude that prevailed at the time.  The holiday was renewed in 1983.


*Note: The pictures were taken from Google Images.  Click on the links to find out more info and to see my sources.*


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