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Pet Peeve [noun]: a particular and often continual annoyance.

I don’t know if it’s that I’m craving nicotine (after I have quit smoking over 3 weeks ago) or if I’m just extremely hormonal, but lately, everything has been annoying me.

I was born with a personality that dislikes many things.  It can range from something so small as to disliking seafood to something as significant as disliking religion.  However, nothing irks me more than pet peeves that happen on a regular basis.

I don’t know why things bug me so much, but they do.  And here is my list of my biggest pet peeves.

– Opening a Tuna Fish Can : I had to complete this act last night.  I was dreading it but knew it had to be done.  The thing that pisses me off about opening a tuna can is the fact that you need to drain the oil/water/whatever the hell is inside there keeping the fish moist.  Why don’t they have a little hole that you pop open and it drains itself?  Why do I loose half of the tuna when it slips out along with it’s liquid component?  Why do I cut myself on the sharp edges of the tin top?  Why, oh why, is the oil so hard to wash off your hands?!  Maybe I’m just stupid and don’t do it right but nevertheless, it’s a pet peeve.

– Hearing People Sneeze : I know this is a mean one because sneezing is natural and you can’t help it, but hearing other people sneeze upsets me.  There are so many different “types” of sneezes.  Some people sneeze quick and cute ones that occur 10 times in a row.  Some people hold their sneezes in and it sounds like their brain just blew out.  Some sneezes are “sprayers” and others are loud and obnoxious.  And then there’s the one my mother does that makes me cringe and I refuse to say “bless you” afterwards.  We’re in the middle of a conversation and she knows a sneeze is coming so she interrupts the sentence and says “wait, wait, wait…” and she takes a huge breath and out comes, “ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”.  It’s loud, it’s long and it’s absolutely annoying.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sneezing myself, it’s refreshing and feels good.  But other people sneezing just plain upsets me.

– T-Shirts : I can’t wear T-shirts.  I wish I could, but I physically can’t.  Well, maybe it’s more mental but whatever it is, T-shirts bug the hell out of me.  The first thing that makes them unwearable for me are the sleeves.  They are short, always too tight and I have a thing with my armpit.  All T-shirts ride up your arm and into you armpit.  This bugs me.  I have thrown out and refused to buy many cute shirts that ride up into my armpit.  When I’m wearing a shirt that does this, I spaz out, get angry and rip it off.  The second reason I can’t wear T-shirts is the neckline.  They are too round, too high and touch my neck.  Nothing can touch my neck.  I have to wear long necklaces, I have to wear v-neck shirts and I have to avoid stranglers.  I have ruined many a shirt by yanking on the neckline so far that it eventually rips or stretches out.  Everyone in my family knows my clothes based on how stretched out my shirt is, in both the sleeves and necks.  Please, don’t touch my armpit or neck.

– Lint, Hair, Fuzzies…etc. : Just like I can’t wear T-shirts, I also avoid wearing black, or any other color that shows “debris”, clothing.  We have a white cat and white cats shed.  They get their white hair all over your pressed black pants, all over your cute dark blue tops and all over your red blanket.  Lint, animal or human hair and little clingy fuzzies bug me whether they are on me or someone else.  This pet peeve has driven me so far as to picking crap off of the clothes of random strangers.  I really need to learn to keep a lint roller with me.

Trust me, these are just a few among many of my personal pet peeves.  I may sound selfish, but I’m really not.  We all have our annoyances towards different things in this world and the above, along with others, are a few of mine.

What are some other pet peeves and dislikes for you?

*Note: The images above were taken from Google Images.  The thoughts and words in this article are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.


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  1. Jen says she should wear her clothes inside out too….. Lots of hair around here.

  2. I have a colleague who sneezes with all of his soul. WHY?! There really is no need to physically shout the word “atchoo” while you do it. I swear he’s going to sneeze out his voice box one day.

  3. Great list, I agree with you about the hair on clothes, I can’t stand that!


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