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I Love…

… how reading a book has the power to transport you to a whole other world.

… how being around animals makes you a more compassionate person.

… how traveling the world gives you a new life, a new identity.

… how taking photographs helps you to remember those precious moments that would otherwise be forgotten.

… how cuddling with your spouse makes you feel loved and important.

… how by simply walking barefoot on the beach, you feel connected with Mother Nature.

… how no matter what religion or beliefs you have, you breathe just like them and they bleed just like you.

… how by just watching the sun set or rise, you remember your own mortality.

… how elated you feel after a genuine laugh.

… how a deep conversation can occur with a complete stranger.

… how “family” can be those related by blood or those related by shared experiences.

… how special times are remembered by listening to the song that was playing at that time.

… how really anything can be an adventure.

… how much each and every one of us impacts the world in our own ways.

Note:  The words above are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011; The photo above is my boyfriend’s: © Sergio Martinez, 2011


About Palm Trees & Bare Feet

Travel. Animals. Writing. Photography. Books. Movies. Art. Creating. Dreaming. Thinking. Exploring. Adventure. Living.

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  1. I love my family!!


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