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W… W… W… Wednesday: What, What and What

WWW Wednesdays by: Should Be Reading



What are you currently reading?


Currently, I’m reading Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande.  I don’t like it but I must finish it, however, there will be no review after I’m done.  It really isn’t worth my time.



What did you recently finish reading?


Last week, I finished Off the Grid by Nick Rosen.  It was an overall good book.  You can check out my review of it here.

Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America



What do you think you’ll read next?


Once I finish my current book, I won’t be reading anything for a while because I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month all through November.  Whomever has participated before will know that it takes up a lot of your time (this, however, will be the first time I’m participating so I’m just going off of what other people are saying about “time management”).  It should be fun and I’m sure I’ll be reading here and there but I probably won’t be reading an entire book for a while.


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  1. YAY for NANO!! I wish you the best of luck. I don’t think I will be participating this year. Too much other stuffs going on with work, school, internship, blah blah blah. Oh well. Have fun!!

  2. Good luck with you writing 😀 and sorry your readings no fun 😦
    Have fun

    Here’s my WWW Wednesday – House Millar series


  3. I’ll be joining you for NaNo. I may try to continue to read (yeah, right) through November. But–having done NaNo once before–I doubt I will have time. Happy Writing in November!!!


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