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Celebrating Halloween Modern Day Style

Ah, Halloween.  

The one day a year when children dress up as the monsters they think are under their beds,

when it’s socially acceptable to be a slut

Sexy Halloween Costumes

and when the warning, “never take candy from a stranger” becomes irrelevant.

Personally, I have never really enjoyed Halloween or even considered it a holiday – I mean you don’t even get off of school or work for it, even though there is essential planning and preparation needed!

Yes, I trick-or-treated as a kid and yes, Halloween parties as a teenager were fun to attend, however once I became too old to go door to door to fill my pillow case with candy that was never eaten, and once the parties became bombarded with “playboy bunnies” and “sexy nuns”, Halloween became the least of my priorities.

However, as Halloween 2011 nears, blog posts, news articles and Facebook statuses fill with people’s opinions and planning of the upcoming “Day of the Dead”, so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and write this Halloween post.

First off, I love Fall/Autumn (however you like to call the falling-of-the-leaves season).  I love bonfires, I love visiting cider mills and I love carving pumpkins.  All these things , along with the beautiful tree color changes and the Fall smell that encompasses the air, reminds me of childhood, the change of the season and that Christmas is even closer.  

Yet, none of the things mentioned above remind me of Halloween.  I literally almost forgot about Halloween until it became talked, tweeted and messaged about.  And then I stumbled upon this Huffington Post article:

World War II Evacuee Halloween Costume: Offensive Or Educational? 


Apparently, there is a new costume that has Americans up in a stir.

This one:

It is targeted for young girls and is supposed to be a World War II Evacuee costume.  However, it is British, not American, and supposedly, “the UK has several national commemoration days worked into the elementary school curriculum as a creative way to teach kids British history. One of these is the unfortunately named Evacuee Day.”

I don’t know how I feel about this.  I understand that this costume is meant to be “educational”, however, is this, while unintentionally, poking fun or even exploiting the horrors that World War II was?

What is your opinion of all of this?  Is Halloween turning into a day when all morals, and what would otherwise be considered “scandalous” behavior, is thrown out the window?  Or is it OK, one day a year, for teenagers to flaunt their bodies and for little girls to dress up as WWII evacuees?

Check out the article link above and let me know what you think!

*Note: The images above were taken from Google Images.*


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  1. I live inthe UK and have never heard of any of these ‘memorial’ days like evacuee day!

    • Hmmm…so you’ve never heard of the days that were mentioned in the article? See, this is why I find the WWII evacuee costume so ridiculous. For me, it has nothing to do with education and it’s really unnecessary – kids should NOT be dressing up as evacuees.

      Thanks for your comment Karl!

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