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NaNo Prep: Favorite Place to Write

Like I said in an my “Inspiring Author Quotes” post, I will be posting writing related posts to get us all in the mood and inspired for NaNo!

As I’m looking through The Huffington Post book “section” (online version), there’s an article where Twitter followers tell their favorite places to write.  That got me thinking of my favorite places and would also like to hear what other NaNo participant’s favorite places are to write!

Here are my favorite places to write:

Outside – I love writing outside, especially if I’m by the beach.  The sun warming my face, the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the trees…all of these elements inspire me to write and release my thoughts from my brain for me to put on paper.  Unfortunately, NaNo is during November and November is a chilly and rainy month – at least in Spain – so I will have to be writing indoors.  But overall, writing outside is my favorite!

Coffee Houses – I love to write at coffee houses/chill bars, especially if the atmosphere is positive and inspiring.  While my favorite coffee shop of all time is The Bitter End in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I can become inspired in any establishment that has hot tea, chill music and low light.  And atmosphere that screams both “underground” and “artsy” is my ideal public writing place.

A Secluded Part of the House – My house here in Spain has the best place to write.  There are three main floors in the house and then, above the floor where the bedrooms and bathrooms are, there’s a small loft.  The ceiling is wooden and slanted in, and the two windows let in just the right amount of light.  And the best part?…No one goes up there!  It’s more of a “storage/attic” room so when I go there to write, I am all alone yet it’s open and has no door, just a stairwell, so I can yell down to my boyfriend to bring me more tea!  🙂

These are my top three places to write.  What are yours?

Please leave a comment, in the comment section, below telling us all where your favorite place to write is, and where you’ll be spending the month of November!


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  1. You make me want to write, instead of photograph! 🙂 Love this post and the images are terrific. 😉


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