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NaNo Prep: Favorite Time to Write

Like I said in an my “Inspiring Author Quotes” post, I will be posting writing related posts to get us all in the mood and inspired for NaNo!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when I’m going to do my writing during NaNo.  Certain times of the day sparks inspiration in me while other times just make me lethargic and brain dead.

Throughout the years I have found my favorite times to write, and though my schedule will be off whack during November, I plan on writing my NaNo novel during these times.

Here are my favorite times of the day to write:

Early, Early Morning – I seem to acquire a lot of inspiration when I get up superman early and write.  Maybe it’s because I have the house to myself as the rest of the family – and my neighborhood – sleeps, or maybe it’s the fact that I just stirred from a dream and a source of unconscious thinking.  Whatever it is, starting before 6am is a huge inspiration boost for my brain.

Late at Night – If it’s not early morning, then I get most inspired when the sun goes down.  Around midnight, my brain is always the most active – partly the reason why I have trouble sleeping – and story ideas just come to me.  I’m definitely a “night owl” and I just love staying up late and writing.

These are the times when I love to write and get the most inspired.  What are yours?

Please leave a comment, in the comment section below, telling us all when you get the most inspired, and when you’ll be writing during the month of November!

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  1. I am most inspired when I am driving, which is not exactly conducive to writing 🙂 The only time I can write productively is between 8:30-10:30 am M-Th when both my kids are in school. Otherwise, I need to prepare myself to be repeatedly interrupted.
    Nice post! And good luck with NaNa. I was the plotting queen today.

    • Hi Susan,

      That’s interesting you get your most inspiration while driving! Never heard that one before!

      And yes, anytime without distractions is the best time to write!

      Thank you and good luck with your writing as well! 🙂


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