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NaNo Prep: It’s POSSIBLE to Write a Publishable Book in 30 Days!

Like I said in an my “Inspiring Author Quotes” post, I will be posting writing related posts to get us all in the mood and inspired for NaNo!

As NaNo is so close, I’ve been daydreaming – and preparing of course! – of the month to come and imagining myself writing a publishable, best-seller novel.  Ha!, you laugh?  Doubtful, you say?  Impossible!, you retort?  I beg to differ.  While it may not be myself whom writes a best-seller novel in only 30 days, it is possible and has been done before.

According to the blog mental_floss, there are 6 famous novels that were written in under a month:

The Boy in the Stripped PyjamasAccording to author John Boyne, he wrote this novel in 2 and a half days!


On the Road – While Jack Kerouac traveled across America for 7 years and detailing his adventures, it only took him 3 weeks to pen what came to be a “beatnik bible”.


A Study in ScarletSir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced Sherlock Holmes for the first time in a novel that only took him 3 weeks to write.

File:ArthurConanDoyle AStudyInScarlet.jpg

The Tortoise and the HareAfter having a relationship with a married man – whom refused to leave his wife – Elizabeth Jenkins wrote this tale in 3 weeks in 1954.

The Tortoise and the Hare

The GamblerExtremely in debt and finding a way to pay it off, Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote this semi-autobiographical novel in 26 days.


The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieA fictional novel based off her teacher, Muriel Spark took only one month to pen this story.



While none of the above authors participated in NaNo, it is still exciting to know that such classic and well regarded novels were written in less than 30 days.  To see the list and read the full description of the 6 author’s writing time, visit the link here.

However, there are published authors that participated in NaNo, and the foundation of their published books were started with the 30 day writing month.

Here is the full list, as there are too many for me to write out, of the Published NaNo Authors.  I will give you a hint though of two best-selling authors that are on the list:

Sara Gruen— Flying Changes (HarperCollins, 2005), Water for Elephants (Algonquin, 2007) and Ape House (Spiegel & Grau, 2010).


Erin Morgenstern— The Night Circus (Doubleday Books 2011).


It’s extremely inspiring to know that such brilliant novels were written in 30 days or less, and that it’s possible that you too can write a publishable book during NaNo – or at least get the foundation for a publishable book started!

*Note: Check out the links above to find out more info and to view my sources.  The photos were taken from Google Images.  This article is written in my own words: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*


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  1. I had no idea all those books were written in only a month. Cool post and thanks for sharing!

  2. Actually, Water For Elephants started as a Nanowrimo attempt. Isn’t that cool? See where we can end up? 🙂


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