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NaNo Prep: Favorite Writing Drinks & Snacks

Like I said in an my “Inspiring Author Quotes” post, I will be posting writing related posts to get us all in the mood and inspired for NaNo!


We writers can be very difficult people.  A lot of times we can only write in certain places at certain times with a certain “atmosphere”, and any other condition is out of the question.  We have our little “habits” that make us write better – or at least make us think we write better – and while these small tendencies may seem weird to others, for us, the writers, they are perfectly normal, and quite frankly, must be done.  

So it’s no surprise that each writer has their favorite drinks and snacks they like to consume while writing, and that even the greats, such as Frank Kafka and Joyce Maynard, had theirs.

As NaNo is only 1 day, 4 hours and 5 minutes away, it’s only appropriate that we talk about what we will be consuming – if anything –  while writing.  However, first, here is a little list of some of the favorite snacks and drinks of some of the greatest writers.


Marcel ProustHe drank espresso like it was going out of style!

Joyce Maynard She enjoyed eating lime popsicles while she read over what she just wrote.

Walt WhitmanWalt would start off the day with a nice breakfast of oysters and meat.  Gross, I know.

Truman Capote – His schedule went something like this:  11am = coffee time;  12pm = mint tea;  2pm = nothing like a little sherry;  4pm = let’s end with a martini!

Emily DickinsonShe snacked on her own home-made baked bread!

F. Scott FitzgeraldHis writing snacks of choice consisted of canned meat – eaten straight from the can – and apples.

Check out the full list here.


While the snacks consumed by these greats sound yummy – I especially liked Walt Whitman’s! – I myself prefer others.

Here are my favorite snacks and drinks to consume while writing:

Tea – Whether it’s iced or hot, I love tea.  I can’t drink coffee because I get massive migraines so tea is my drink of choice, whether I’m writing or not, and green tea is my favorite!

Chocolate – I mean come on!  What’s better than snacking on some dark chocolate?!

What are your favorite snacks and drinks to consume while writing?

Please leave a comment, in the comment section below, telling us all what your food and drink of choice is, and what your diet will consist of throughout NaNo!


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  2. Hmmm I did not see Papa on the list. I am pretty sure Hemingway would drink some sort of adult style beverage and perhaps have a six toed cat on his lap when he wrote.

    Enjoyed checking out your blog.

  3. I usually drink tea at night, any number of decaf herbals. And I try not to snack late at night (terrible for the waistline), but if I do, it’s usually something like blackberries or apples…

  4. Esspresso beans for Proust? That explains a heck of a lot, no? LOL!


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