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NaNo Prep: Cute NaNoWriMo Comic Strips

Well, National Novel Writing Month is here.  Some are already diligently working on their novels as their time zone permits them, others have many more hours to wait, and I only have 3 hours to wait with my time zone (Spain).

I’m very excited, nervous, anxious, and just ready to get going with it!  I have a story, plot, and characters that are ready to burst from my imagination and land on the tips of my finger, just waiting to be welcomed into the world.

For my last NaNo Prep post I want to share some cute NaNoWriMo comic strips!

So here they are, and hopefully they put a smile on your face and encourage you to keep on writing!  🙂







Enjoy your NaNo month!  🙂

*Note: All of these comic strips were taken from Google Images.  Their © is reserved for their artists.*


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  1. The cartoons gave me a giggle this morning. Thanks for posting them.


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