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Is Your Brain Fried Yet?

Because mine is.

I had a feeling National Novel Writing Month would be hard, but I had no clue that after I transport so many ideas into words, that I would literally feel mentally exhausted, feeling like I was a superhero who just gave all their powers to someone else.

However, trust me, this feeling doesn’t suck.  While I have a hard time conjuring up understandable sentences after writing for a while, I still extremely alive!  I feel successful every night when I go to bed; I feel powerful!

Plus, I haven’t gotten this good of sleep in a long time!  Usually, I’m tossing and turning, waiting for morning to hit, but after writing all day, I sleep like a baby, sleeping through the entire night.  Also, I haven’t had any dreams since I started writing like a maniac.  Which, for some people could suck, but for me, as 99.9% of my nightly dreams are actually nightmares where I’m either already dead or where I’m about to die, it’s definitely a nice break!  

So, thank you NaNo for existing.  Even though yes, I’m constantly tired, and yes, I already want a full day of break, I am thankful that you give me the motivation, and the inspiration, to try and finish a novel in 30 days.

So I am proud to say that I am a:

and I will not give up, no matter how slurred my speech becomes.


How is everyone else doing on NaNo? 


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