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Cool Airplane Paint Jobs

Many of us hate flying.  We hate the small seats, the crappy food, the loss of leg circulation, and the fact that we’re constantly thinking the plane is going to go down at any minute.  I know I am one of those people.  While I fly back and forth from Spain to Michigan at least two times a year, I dread the 9+ hour flight, all the layovers, and the uncomfortable boring plane ride.

However, how cool would it be to ride in a plane like this:

What about one that sports a little Pokemon:

Imagine flying to Berlin in a plane that sports the city’s coat of arm’s mascot:

Is it a bird?  A plane?  It’s not Superman:

For all those “Lord of the Rings” fans out there:

Fly Oprah-style:

It kind of makes me want to board a plane.

Check out the full article and see more pictures of World’s Most Creative Airplane Paint Jobs.


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  1. comingtotheedge

    This is cool. I really like the Lord of the Rings one.


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