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Woman Killed Over Missing Halloween Candy

Well apparently, even adults get angry when there’s no candy during Halloween.

According to the Huffington Post Chicago, Ledell Peoples, a Chicago man, killed his friend Maria Adams after a bag of candy went missing and he suspected that she took it.  Maria Adams was stabbed multiple times with “several steak knives” last Monday night, on Halloween.  Adams eventually died at Stroger Hospital on Saturday night.  After the autopsy of Adams is completed, first-degree murder will most likely be filed against Ledell Peoples.

Ledell Peoples

People, especially this Peoples (the guy’s last name), disgust me.  How could a missing bag of candy ignite such an anger inside him that he must stab his friend?  What is the world coming to if something as little as this causes murder?

I continue to keep updated with the news even though 50% of the articles are about murder trials or people being murdered.  It frustrates me – however, not enough for me stab someone – to see such sad articles.  And it disappoints me that people are so hateful, violent, and just plain stupid.

This guy should definitely be charged with first-degree murder.  Someone like this, someone who murders over missing candy, should not be allowed to roam the streets.

To view the full article click here.

What do you think?  Should Ledell Peoples be charged with first-degree murder?  What angers you about the world today?

*Note:  Click on the links above to read the full articles.  The picture was taken from the source.  I, however, summarized the article in my own words, and the opinions and thoughts in this post are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*


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  1. Just a good example of the capacity for darkness within our human nature…

  2. He should rot in jail for life or get the chair She was my mother an she didn’t deserve that. I hate this world an people who think thins is funny but not enogh to murder.


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