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What rule of life should never be broken?


Honestly, I don’t think there are any set “rules of life”.  I think that each of us makes our own rules (morals) to follow and respect, but I don’t think that every person has the same set of rules (morals).  There could never be any set “rules of life” because each person has their own ideas and perspectives on what’s important to follow and live by.

However, one that I do wish was a rule of life would be to respect Mother Nature.  I think that would be one rule that should NEVER be broken, because without Mother Nature, we would not be here.  We need her and we should NEVER harm her.

However, many people feel differently.  They think that the Earth is here for OUR needs and that we are “allowed” to do whatever we want with it.  Which, is a pure shame. 


Do you think there are “rules of life”?  What is one that should never be broken?

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  1. My rule: Always be true to yourself.


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