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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Want at My Thanksgiving Dinner

Top Ten by The Broke and the Bookish

I have just found this Tuesday meme from The Broke and the Bookish.  It looks fun, so it shall now be added as another one of my weekly memes which I will participate in!

Top 10 Authors I Want at My Thanksgiving Dinner:

J.K. Rowling – Uhm, who wouldn’t have her over for Thanksgiving dinner?!  In between shoveling food in my mouth and stuffing my face with stuffing, I would be asking her all about how she came up with the idea for Harry Potter, who her personal favorite character is, and all about her writing habits, motivations and inspirations.  Oh, I would pummel her to death with questions and shout outs of “I’m your biggest fan!”

J.K. Rowling

Susan Orlean – While I still have yet to read any of her books (they are all on my TBR list), I feel like I know Ms. Orlean.  Her website is amazing, and if Adaptation is one of my favorite movies, and it’s based off of her book, The Orchid Thief, then duh, I will love her.  Plus, she seems like she would bring some humor to the dinner table.

Susan Orlean

Wade RouseI would invite him for my mom as much as for me.  We both love Wade Rouse and fell in love with him through his book, At Least in the City, Someone Would Hear Me Scream, and have since went on to read his other books that kept us laughing out loud.  Not only is he gay, and would bring his partner Gary to the dinner, but he would definitely keep us all laughing through the night!

Stephen KingDo I need to say anything more?!  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Stephen King

Jane GoodallNot only for her books, but also for the animal lover, supporter, and researcher (I don’t like the word scientist) that she is, Jane Goodall would definitely be invited to my Thanksgiving dinner.  I would question her endlessly about her times and experiences with the  chimpanzees, and I would obviously force her to become my new best friend.  🙂

Jane Goodall

Yann MartelLife of Pi is one of my favorite books so of course Mr. Martel would be invited.  I will of course ask him how he came up with such a brilliant idea, and I would probably sit him next to J.K. Rowling.

Yann Martel

Nellie BlyMany people don’t know Nellie Bly (that was her pen name), but as you can see in my About section, she is one of my role models.  She was one of the first female journalists and would stop at nothing to get the story, even committing herself to an insane asylum which she writes about in her book: Ten Days in a Mad House.  She would be of course seated next to me and Jane Goodall, so both could complement one another on what pioneers each were in their own fields.

Nellie  Bly

Gary PaulsenI love this man.  I first found out about him when I did a project in school on the Iditarod (the Alaskan dog sled race), but then I discovered his books and fell in love with them.  He has had such an amazing life, and his adventures and experiences radiate throughout his books.  I would probably sit him next to Susan Orlean because they both have had some cool experiences.

Gary Paulsen

Suzanne CollinsI would invite her and place her next to J.K. Rowling and Yann Martel.  Of course I would ask her how she came up with The Hunger Games trilogy idea and I would discuss non-stop with her about her books.  Yes, Ms. Collins would definitely be invited!

Suzanne Collins

Bill BrysonOf course we need a hilarious travel guru at the table.  Bill Bryson would complete the entire dinner.

Bill Bryson


Well, this is my list of the authors I would invite to my Thanksgiving dinner.

Who are some authors, or famous people if you so incline, whom you would invite to Thanksgiving?  Leave your answers in the comment section!

Happy Almost Thanksgiving All!



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  1. Maybe you should have just 10 different dinners, inviting each writer on a different night? You seem to have so much to ask and observe of every writer! Then you could have an eleventh night where you can see them together and how they are with one another. Fact is, you wouldn’t say half as much as you might want in one dinner. Ah well, they’ll have to come back next year!

    • I would also just love to observe them all talking and discussing with one another. That would be incredible! But yes, maybe I’ll invite them all over separately, after each becomes a friend of mine of course! 😉

      Who would you invite to Thanksgiving dinner, Alex?

  2. i would have to invite yasmine galenorn. i love the paranormal/romance genre. her otherworld series completely defies all rules as to how society views relationships as well as the fae. i admire her wit and the beautiful imagery she displays on each page.

  3. Nice author choices. Stephen King would definitely be one of my choices along with Jane Austen.

  4. Fabulous list and Jane Goodall is an awesome choice!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Awesome list! I didn’t think of Stephen King (although I still haven’t read any of his books) or Suzanne Collins.

    Thanks for stopping by Project to be Read 🙂

  6. Haha Yes Bill Bryson! He’d have me in a fit of giggles, I’m sure. Jane Goodall would be so interesting to talk to, wouldn’t she? Maybe I could sit in between them.

  7. My choices would be Nora Roberts, Stephen King, JK Rowlings, Jane Austen and Tolkien.

    Here’s My Post

  8. I believe the word for your group is ECLECTIC! 🙂 Very fun group.

  9. Excellent list! Where is David Sedaris, though? And if the dead were allowed, I would add Agatha Christie.

  10. What an eclectic group you’ve assembled! (Hey, I wrote that before I noticed that Deb did too!)
    I too would love to talk with Jane Goodall, and since I’ve never read anything by Wade Rouse, I’m now off the our local library’s website to see if I can put one of his on hold. Thanks for the great recommendation!

    • Oh, Yayy! Then we should start a Wade Rouse fan club! Haha. I’m so glad you’re going to check out one of his books! I say you start with “At Least in the City Someone Would Hear Me Scream”. You’ll get the “full impact” of him from that book. Enjoy it, Laurie! 🙂

  11. I think inviting Stephen King over would terrify me!

    • Haha! I thought about that at first, but then I figured since he wasn’t over for Halloween, and Thanksgiving is close to Halloween, he could tell us ghost stories at night! 🙂

      Who would you invite?

      • Oh goodness, let’s see. These aren’t in order: Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Dorothy Parker, Voltaire, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln (I know that technically he isn’t a writer but I love him), Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, David Sedaris…not a lot of woman on my list. That worries me.

      • Mark Twain would have been my 11th choice and David Sedaris my 12th. And oh well, Abraham Lincoln can still go to dinner! 🙂

  12. Mervyn Peake. Amongst other things he wrote the Gormenghast trilogy, Mr. Pye, Letters from a Lost Uncle and countless poems. His writing is absulutely wonderful 🙂
    If you haven’t read any of his works, I’d like to recommend them all. If you’ve only read some of them, I’d like to recommend all the ones you haven’t read 🙂


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