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Daily Question: Feeling Comfy

Daily Question by Thought Questions




Feeling safe obviously makes me feel comfortable.

Being with the people I love, in a place I love makes me feel comfortable.

Being around like-minded people, even if I don’t know them, makes it much more easier to talk with them and feel an overall comfort.

Being in my pajamas, holding a baby or a puppy, being wrapped up in a warm blanket when it’s cold outside, reading in front of a fire, cuddling with the boyfriend…all of these things, and more that I can’t currently think of, make me feel comfortable.


What makes you feel comfortable?


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  1. lol.
    being with my mother makes me comfortable

  2. Having someone or something makes me feel comfortable too.. it just gives me a feeling of calmness and security whenever I’m with it or them. 🙂 I like your answer though.


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