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For All You Gleeks

I must admit: I am a Gleek.

I got into the show very late, but I fell in love with the singing, dancing and the creative versions of modern day songs – however, the drama and the “relationships” are getting a little old but I guess there needs to be more than just singing, though I would prefer only that. 

Plus, I respect that the actors actually can sing and dance.  You don’t believe me?

Lea Michele: The National Anthem – She even has the same face during The National Anthem like she does when she sings in Glee!


Amber Riley: Someone Like You – This girl has a VOICE.


Chris Colfer: Glee Audition Tape – Look how cute he looks!  So young!


Must I show more?

So anyway, the point of this post was to share with you one of my newest favorite Glee performances on the show.  I love Santana (Naya Rivera), and I think she’s not only absolutely gorgeous but also has a wonderful voice.

So, this is my favorite “Glee Cast Version” of a song from the latest episode: Mash Off:


Gleek Off! 



*Note: The videos were taken from Youtube.*

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  1. I watch Glee only for the songs. This show has introduced me to so many of my favourites! I am not a Lea Michele fan. I prefer Amber Riley to her. Darren Criss also has an amazing voice.

    I liked the 1st season of Glee. The 2nd was okay but this 3rd one has been getting on my nerves. It’s like I’m being force fed heavy duty issues and someone is wagging their fingers at me! Bring back the fun and general wackiness of the 1st season!

    • *Applause!* THANK YOU! I’m so glad someone agrees with me about only watching it for the songs! I know a lot of people watch it for the drama and the “story”, but for me, the best part is the singing and dancing.

      And yes, it GREATLY gets on my nerves when Rachel gets all the dang solos! Mercedes and Santana and even Quinn all have AMAZING voices and I was getting quite fed up with how Rachel always gets to sing!

      Haha, sorry for my ranting but I don’t really have anyone to complain/gush about the show to since my boyfriend doesn’t like it!


  2. I don’t know how, but I still haven’t seen this show. Maybe I will someday.

  3. I love Santana. Her version of Valerie is my fave gleek song! But for the group, has to be Bad Romance! that was amazing!

  4. I am such a gleek…. 😀


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