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You Gave Birth Where?!


Almost every mother pictures their child birth to happen in a hospital, dosed up on drugs, professional nurses and doctors tending to them while their baby is born healthy and happy.

However, not all mothers get that opportunity.

I found this article: Woman Gives Birth to Boy on Floor of Airport Restroom on Huff Post Travel, and just had to read it.

And while giving birth in an airport may be one of the most inconvenient spots, it doesn’t top some of the other crazy places women have given birth.

In a Tree

Yes, in a tree.  While trying to escape a flood in Africa, a woman climbed up a tree and gave birth while clinging to the branches.  Luckily the baby did not drop to the ground!


In a Library

While on the way to the hospital in a bus, a woman was going into labor and one of the passengers worked at the hospital.  They dropped off the lady at the library, and the hospital worker, along with library security, helped deliver the woman’s baby.  Talk about being shushed!


On a Sidewalk

Only a few feet from the hospital, a lady gave birth on the sidewalk.  That must have been extremely uncomfortable!


In a Car

And yes, she was driving.  Her husband suffered from seizures and only took the wheel when her water broke and out popped the baby!


In the Middle of a Flight

At least the article’s mother delivered hers in an airport on solid ground.  One woman went into labor on a flight from Manila to San Francisco, and three nurse passengers and the cabin crew helped deliver the baby.


On the Internet

Yes, she was technically at home, but one mother streamed her birthing live on the internet.  Surprisingly, and somewhat disgustingly,  more than 2,000 people watched her live birth.


Oh, what women go through.  To check out the full article and to read the full stories, along with seeing the top 10 crazy places women have given birth, visit the link above.

To all you mothers whom are expecting, here’s to hoping that you have a comfortable and planned birthing session!


*Note: Check out the links above for the full articles.  The pictures were taken from the source.*


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