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Naughty or Nice?

Christmas will be here in exactly 3 weeks and 4 days.  Sorry to scare you like that but it’s true!  It’s also true that Santa will be coming, and I don’t know about you, but I am hoping that I’ve been Nice this year.

But, how do you tell if you’ve been Nice or Naughty?  

You could make a list of every bad thing you remember doing throughout the year.  But then again, you may not remember everything.  You could ask those you know to help by telling you what they remember you doing wrong.  But be careful who you ask; you could ask an enemy who would just make bad things up, or ask your mom who would lie and tell you that you’re “perfect”.

There really is no easy way to keep track of all the bad things you did during the long year.  But now that Christmas is near, you must know if you’ve been Naughty or Nice so you can ask Santa for that new year promotion, or so you can plan ways to use that lump of coal which will be in your stocking.

And this is why I have come up with a fool proof (unless you’re a fool who can’t admit their wrong doings) system using the 7 Deadly Sins.  

So, are you ready to find out if you (and myself) have been Naughty or Nice?


PRIDE : Highly believing in one’s own abilities and self; Thinking that one is above another.

Do you commit PRIDE?

Actually, for me, I feel that I am the complete opposite: I don’t believe in myself enough.  I am always bringing my work, and sometimes myself, down.  I also put other people’s abilities above my own, so I would never think about saying I’m better than someone else.

So, whether it’s good that I may be too harsh on myself, or bad and I need some more self-confidence, at least I can say that I do not commit PRIDE

Nice – 1

Naughty – 0


ENVY : Wanting someone else’s abilities, traits, status or situation; Wishing to be another.

Do you commit ENVY?

Since I do sometimes bring myself and my work down, I can say that I have wished I was better like so-and-so, or that I had the life of bladdyblah.  Since I yearn to be a professional writer, I have cursed myself for not being the one to come up with certain book or story, and I have glared at quite a few author pictures on the back of books and wished I had their imagination, life, brain.

So yes, I can say that from time to time, at least throughout this year, I do commit ENVY.

Nice – 1

Naughty – 1


GLUTTONY : Consuming any particular thing more than what is necessary; Overindulging oneself.

Do you commit GLUTTONY?

Oh, OK, I knew this one was coming.  I’m going to make this short and sweet.  I love eating.  I love drinking.  I used to love smoking.  I have been known to continue eating even when I’m about to explode, continue drinking when I’m already drunk, and I used to smoke like a chimney.

This particular sin is probably the worst for me so yes, of course I commit GLUTTONY!

Nice – 1

Naughty – 2


LUST : Intense sexual desire; Craving sexual pleasure from anyone or everyone.

Do you commit LUST?

I have been in a mutually committed and loving relationship for the past 3 years.  I, or my partner, would never cheat – we are fully satisfied with one another – and while sex is important, there are also more important things in a relationship.  Plus, my loins aren’t burning with constant desire.

So no, I do not commit LUST.

Nice – 2

Naughty – 2


WRATH : Using fury instead of love or reasoning; Quick to jump to anger.

Do you commit WRATH?

I will admit: I am quick to anger and do have slight anger problems.  I have struggled with my aggression and anger for years, and sometimes can’t even control it.  It really is one of my greatest faults and it has gotten me in trouble over the years.

So yes, I do commit WRATH.

Nice – 2

Naughty – 3


GREED : Strong desire for material wealth or gain; Ignoring the spiritual aspect of life to please the physical wealth aspect.

Do you commit GREED?

I would rather sleep in a tent or a hostel than a hotel.  I buy the majority of my clothes at the thrift store because it’s cheaper.  I would hitchhike all the way to India just to visit an ashram.  I would rather live in a small crowded apartment with 7 interesting people, than live in a gigantic mansion (equipped with an indoor pool and horse stable) with 1 boring person.  I always say that if I won the lottery, I would spend half of it on my family and friends, and the other half would either go into an investment or the bank.

Call me cheap, frugal, whatever, but I do not commit GREED.

Nice – 3

Naughty – 3


SLOTH : Avoiding physical or spiritual work; Being lazy.

Do you commit SLOTH?

I am not the most active person.  I would rather google exercise tips than actually get up and do the tips.  Every Friday I sit on the couch and catch up on my 18 TV shows that I have missed throughout the week.  I have been known to sit on the computer all day writing or blogging.  I don’t know how many times I have complained because my boyfriend doesn’t have a car and we have to walk everywhere.

So yes, in short, I can be quite a lazy person and I do commit SLOTH.

Nice – 3

Naughty – 4


Well, that outcome is not good.  I really did not think I would be a Naughty one!  But, with my system, it looks like I am to be expecting coal this year.

Going through each 7 Deadly Sin, it really did get me thinking about which ones I actually commit and how I can change that, and which ones I can continue to work on not committing.

So, what about you?  Are you Naughty or Nice?  

Try it out and tell us your score in the comment section below!

Happy Holidays!



*Note: Click on the links above for more info.  The pictures were taken from and Google Images.  The thoughts, words, ideas, and phrases in this post are my own: © Kalie Lyn, 2011.*


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  1. Your perfect! Loved ur answers !!


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