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Daily Question: Perk Up

Daily Question by Thought Questions


When I’m sad:
I either like being alone or with the few people who are able to make everything better.

I go for long drives with no destination in mind, the radio blaring and the window rolled down.  

I dance my sadness away and just act silly and stupid.

 I watch a funny movie and try to forget my worries.


What do you typically do when you’re sad?


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  1. I remind myself that my reality is what I create it to be, and if I wish for something different I need to first imagine something different.

  2. I get completely lost! I just go out the door and start walking, no destination, no particular direction. Or I’ll get on a bus, go across town, get off and then start walking. This activity reminds me that there is a world of endless possibility out there, I never know what’s around the next corner…and also I rarely return until I’m physically spent. It’s mental, physical and emotional exercise, and it works every time!

  3. I eat chocolates or ice cream when I am sad.


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