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Musing Mondays: Electronic or Print

Musing Mondays by Should Be Reading


What devices –if any– do you read books on? Do you find it enjoyable, or still somewhat bothersome? Or: If you only read the print books, why haven’t you chosen to read on any devices?


Usually, I read my stories in good ol’ fashioned print books – hardcovers are my preference – however, I do own an E-Reader and do download books onto my  iPad Kindle.

The E-Reader and Kindle are very convenient, especially since I am either on the metro or train a good part of the day.  They are compact, a lot lighter than a hardcover, and are easy to read.

While I do have both those electronic reading devices – though I always said I would never get one – I would always choose a print book over electronic reads any day!  I love the smell, feel, and look of a dusty, tattered book, and the day when there will be no more print books will be one sad day.


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  1. The plan is to use an e-reader for my non-fiction; I like that the e-books are cheaper and I’m usually not willing to spend a lot of money for the non-fiction books on my reading list. My favorite fiction though will still be print books (as long as they keep making them). There is just something satisfying in turning the pages of a good book.

  2. I totally agree about the smell and feel of a printed book. I do use eReaders but we all know its just not as good. 😉

    My Monday musing is here: Reading With My Eyes Shut

  3. I’m with you on the whole experience of a book!! Even if I had the space for all the books I want, I think I’d enjoy my Nook. Still. My Musing:

  4. Love the feel and smell of books. I’m not technically advanced for an eReader!
    However, I do enjoy reading – any type!

  5. I love my e-reader and read the majority of my books on that now. Most of my print reads are books people have recommended – but I’m not sure if they are my cup of tea, series with a special place in my heart, and reference type titles that I want to constantly refer to.


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