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Daily Question: Appreciating With Time

Daily Question by Thought Questions


There are two things I appreciate more now that I’m older.

The first is being alone.  Before, I never savored “alone time”.  I was always bored with just myself and felt like I needed people around me to be happy.  Now, I can enjoy some time by myself and feel comfortable just sitting alone and reading, or watching TV, or going somewhere solo.

The second thing is education.  In high school, I always felt like I didn’t need everything they taught us.  Well, guess what: I do!  So now that I’m in university, I am trying to succeed in all my classes and get the most out of my education.


What is something you appreciate now that you’re older?


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  1. Imperfection. When I was younger I wanted to be the perfect person. Of course, my definition of perfect was the same as seems to be prevalent today- beautiful, rich, powerful, famous, worshiped.

    Today I think that the person I have become is probably a far better human than the one I would have been had I been blessed with ‘perfection.,’ I am not any of those things, but most days I feel pretty comfortable in my own skin, and that, to me, is a blessing.

  2. My family is something I appreciate more now that I’m older.

  3. I appreciate people more. I never made friends easily, and now I have quite a few wonderful ones I never want to lose, but i also understand everyone has to leave at some point – usually at least.

  4. The people in my life, not only have I grown to appreciate them….I’ve also grown to accept them for exactly who they are and whatever they have to share.


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