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Daily Question: Choosing Your Care

Daily Question by Thought Questions


Of course people need to start caring more about animals, the environment, and one another.  However, one of the most important things people need to care more about is the impact each one of us has on the world.

Many people, myself included, will believe that we can change the world (or at least a part of it), but then there’s something always inside of us that says, “No, no one will listen to you.  What can you do, you’re just one person!”

The fact is that there is something we can do.  And whether that something is big or small, and if only one or two people notice our efforts, the important thing is that we did something to help the world (ourselves, each other, everyone, etc.)

I really think that more people need to care about the fact that we all can impact an impact in this short life someway, somehow.


What’s something you think more people need to start caring about?


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  1. Well said. It’s so easy to get discouraged and focus on what we can’t do rather than what we can. It’s much more uplifting to think about what we can do regardless of impact (big or small) and to simply do it.

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