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Daily Question: Anti-Friends

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I would never be friends with someone who abused animals.

Though I like watching Animal Cops because they save animals and bring the abuse to light (because many people don’t even think of animal abuse as “abuse”), it still makes me so livid inside every time I see what the poor things have gone through.  And one story that stays in my head is one my boyfriend told me of a guy he saw who drop-kicked a cat.  Just hearing that makes me want to punch someone.

I’m writing this and it’s getting me mad just thinking about it.  I would NEVER be friends with someone who had no soul like that.


Who is someone you would never be friends with?


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  2. Hi you have a nice blog… I’d like to be friends with every one .. yet if they did wrong I’d try to change their ways! Cheers


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