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Daily Question: The Know-How

Daily Question by Thought Questions


Well, the photo of today’s question provokes an obvious answer: to know how to read.  I actually know a couple of people whom are illiterate, and yes, I do believe that knowing how to read is very important in life.

I think knowing how to cook is also important.  I learned how to cook for real – like real food and meals – a few years ago when I started living on my own, and I don’t know how I survived before then!  Cooking is so important because what you eat depends on how healthy you are, and knowing how to cook entire meals (not just a PB&J sandwich, or boxed Mac & Cheese) is something everyone should know how to do.


What do you think everyone should know how to do?


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  1. I think the passion for reading is one of the most important things in life. I just also learn to cook just this recent years. I think everyone should also know how to express themselves through writing. I think that is also a big advantage.

  2. The art of Day Dreaming! A skill worth acquiring.


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