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Daily Question: Wasting a Life

Daily Question by Thought Questions


One easy way to waste your life is dwelling on the past.  This I know from experience.

A few years ago, I practically lived in the past.  I thought about times that had already gone, thought about things I didn’t do, and things I did do but could have done differently.  Because of this mindset, I developed severe depression.  I would lay in bed all day long, skip school, and would only leave my room to eat and use the bathroom. 

It was absolutely miserable.  

The thing that pulled me out, well the people that pulled me out, were my sister and cousin.  They gave me the strength to live in the present, and only remember the past, not live in it.  I will never forget the day they really helped me and because of their kindness, I have been able to live the life I wanted and dreamed.

So, my advice is to only remember and cherish the past, because it has already come and went and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Don’t live in it; live in the present.


What do you think is one way to waste a life?


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