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Link of the Day: Exotic Pets Ban Moving Forward

Ohio Exotic Pet Ban

The Huffington Post: Ohio Exotic Animals Ban to Fix ‘Entirely Unacceptable’ Lack of Laws


I really, really, REALLY hope this ban bill passes.  It would be the only good thing that has come out of last year’s chaos.


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  1. The term ‘exotic pet’ should not even exist. These are not ‘pets’, NO exceptions. Also, the regulations for domesticated animal ownership should be raised and strictly enforced….just my opinion.

    • Completely agree. Some people are unfit to own even a dog! I think that if you want to own a pet, you should go through some sort of “animal ownership training”. I think that would help lower the animal abuse that occurs, and then people would be better prepared for the responsibility they undertake by having a pet. It’s practically like having a child, except your child eventually outgrows you and becomes independent; your pet ALWAYS depends on you!

      Thanks for your comment, Alex! 🙂


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