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Daily Question: Faith vs. Religion

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I think it’s important to have beliefs and faith.  However, I don’t think it’s important to classify yourself to any religion or religious organization.

Honestly, I think that religion is one of the main reasons the world is so corrupt.  People scorn, hurt, and even kill over religion, something that should not ever occur.

I believe in letting people live their lives how they want to live.  If they want to believe in God, Allah, Zeus, or whomever, that’s their choice.  I myself have beliefs but do not go to church, follow any type of religion, and just simply believe that the Bible is one of the best stories ever created – not something to take to heart or live my life by.

Having beliefs and faith is something that gets us all through the day, however giving money to a church, living life by commandments, and looking down on others who do not believe what I believe in are all things I am not interested in.


Do you think it’s important to partake in a religion?


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