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Daily Question: Experiencing to Understand

Daily Question by Thought Questions


Living abroad is something that needs to be experienced before it’s completely understood.

Traveling to a place for a few days or weeks is nothing compared to living there full-time.  I have been living in Spain for 3, going on 4, years, and it has been both rewarding and extremely hard.

The language was the biggest adjustment.  I never took one Spanish class back in the States, because I truthfully thought I would never need it.  Little did I know that I would be dating a Spanish guy and moving to his country!  The culture was another thing to get used to.  The fact that my boyfriend still lived with his parents at the age of 30 (like most Spanish children do) and the fact that I would have to live with them also was a HUGE shock.  It was fine at first, but after 2 years it became a problem.  Now though, the boyfriend and I have our own place so the living situation has improved.

Other little things like having no car, the food here (which I’m not a fan of), and making new friends were all things that took some time to adjust to.

Living abroad is both stressful yet exciting.  It really is something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood.  Anyone who has done it for a year or more, will agree to that.  However, no matter how hard it may be, I would never trade my experience for anything!


Do you think is something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood?


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  1. I think that experiencing something does deepen our understanding but it is impossible for two people to experience the same thing and have identical understandings because we all have different filters of interpretation based on our beliefs, background or life.

    Empathy is built upon commonality. Understanding is built upon commonality. Together both strengthen compatibility.

    Excellent question. Reminds me of the weekly questions you get from Soul Pancake that makes you pause and consider the possibilities. Thanks much!

    • Great answer! I completely agree that a person’s experience may not be the same as another person’s experience, so it all depends on what each person takes away from each different experience.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts with us!


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