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Dear Alberto

Today is Spain’s Father’s Day, and I just wanted to give a shout out to my Spanish father, which would be my boyfriend’s father, Alberto.

Like I mentioned in today’s Daily Question, the first 2 years I lived in Spain I lived with my boyfriend and his parents.  Though it took some getting used to, I was truly grateful for my boyfriend’s parents taking me in and treating me like their daughter.

Though they spoke no English, and I spoke no Spanish, we created our own little language, equipped with lots of exaggerated hand movements.  They supported me financially, emotionally, and physically.  They were there for me if I needed a shoulder to cry on from being homesick, or if I just needed to talk with them about anything that was on my mind.

They have been an important part of my life here in Spain, and now that my boyfriend and I have our own place, which is about 20 minutes from their house, and I’m unable to see them everyday like I used to, I still think about them daily and all the ways they helped me survive the first crucial years of living abroad.

He is truly my 3rd father – after my real dad and my step-dad – and I will never, ever forget him.

So, Felicidades Alberto.  Muchas Gracias por todo.

And Happy Father’s Day to all the Spanish fathers out there!


Alberto is the guy with the scarf in the middle, with the big smile and holding up Flat Stanley. Angelines - my 3rd mother, Alberto's wife, and my boyfriend's mom - is the woman next to him in the white coat. They are my Spanish lifeline. ❤


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