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Musing Monday: Good Description, Bad Cover

Musing Mondays by: Should Be Reading


Would you choose to review a book if its description sounded interesting but the cover was terrible?


Of course!  Don’t get me wrong, a good cover is nice, and a lot of times I buy a book solely based on the cover, but I also own an e-reader, and when reading Ebooks you barely see the cover.  So I would definitely review a book if the cover was terrible.

For me, my imagination runs wild with the contents of the book, not just with the cover.  So if the book was worth my time and review, and if I truly enjoyed it, I would disregard the terrible cover and review it regardless.

But if the review was for an author I knew, and the cover was uninteresting or bad, I would probably tell them to spice that baby up a bit before it hit the shelves!


What about you?  What is your answer to today’s Monday Musing?


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  1. I pay less attention than I used to because of the ereader but if I buy a hard cover it best have a pretty cover unless it is from one of my coveted authors… still here is mine I was having an evil librarian PTSD related panic attack while writing. so I did not take all that into consideration.. this was a really good meme!

  2. What a great answer!


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