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Musing Mondays: Out of the Blue Reads

Musing Mondays by Should Be Reading


Have you ever found a book out of the blue, read it, and then had it be surprisingly good — one that stuck with you for years? If so, what book was it?


I remember I found The Perks of Being a Wallflower up north at a small store in Lexington, MI.  It was not at a book store, but at a random fudge shop (I think it was a fudge shop; it definitely was not a book store).  I remember I saw it on it’s own shelf and there were like a few copies.  I picked it up, looked at the cover, and decided to buy it on a whim.

This book ended up becoming one of  my favorite books of all time!  It has stuck with me for years, and I have read it quite a few times.  It has been a special book for me, and will continue to be for my entire life.


What is your answer to today’s Musing Monday?


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  1. What an exciting way for you to have found Perks! (It’s one of my top favorite books, as well. One of those copies on my shelf that shows the most wear (read: love.) I love the idea of this fudge shop. In my head, I imagine someone who worked their, or the shop owner came across Perks and loved it themselves, and wanted to make it available to others? Very cool!

    • I bet it did have a special meaning to the shop owner! And yay! another Perks fan!!! I have found no one in the “real world” that knows this book, but a lot of people on the blogosphere do!

      Thanks for your comment, Meg! Glad to have found another Charlie lover! 🙂

      • ahh! In high school I didn’t know many people who loved it either, so I started loaning out my copy to people, which was fun because the people actually read it, and then we could discuss. What do you think about the movie? (I realllly hope they get it right! My friend Lauren keeps reminding me that Chbosky is in on it, but I still get nervous!)

      • I had no idea that the author was collaborating with the movie!? I actually am NOT going to see it. I am wayyy too nervous that they will ruin it! I have all the amazing images of Charlie’s world already in my head, and I don’t want a movie to change that for me! When does the movie actually come out anyway?

      • It’s supposed to come out in September of this year, and yeah he’s actually directing it! I know I have all these ideas in my head about it too, and it’s so weird seeing stills released because they’re not what I pictured. I will probably end up seeing it anyway (and either be super excited, or super frustrated.) I felt this way about The Lovely Bones movie too, and I STILL haven’t seen that one.

      • Oh shit, he’s actually directing it?! Dude, then I will probably see it! I had no idea he was directing it! Yeah, The Lovely Bones movie was no where as good as the book! I’m in the same mode of The Hunger Games as I am about Perks. Don’t know if I can see that movie and walk out of it relieved.

      • I’m planning to post my feelings on THG movie soon, but I’ll say for now that even though there were a few things that I was like *gasp! really?!* most of the things that irked me I didn’t think about until after. I really enjoyed it and was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time (though I knew what would happen.) I’m planning on seeing it again when I finish re-reading it.

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