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Daily Question: Doing More

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I wish I spoke Spanish more.

I have been living in Spain for 3, almost 4, years, and I understand the language fluently, but I do not speak fluently.  All that damn verb conjugation and remembering which words are masculine or feminism is hard!  

You would think that since I have a Spanish boyfriend, and lived with his (non-English speaking) Spanish parents for years that I would speak the language like I was a native, but every time the boyfriend and I speak in Spanish, he gets annoyed with constantly correcting me and we give up.

I’m sure many who are reading this are shaking their heads in disbelief that I haven’t mastered the Spanish language yet – I know I sure get annoyed with myself, but I am taking Spanish classes, and my teacher says I am the best in the class (hell, I should be the teacher at this point!) and improving dramatically.  So, the goal is that I will be able to fluently speak Spanish by the end of this year.  Well, that’s the plan anyway!



What do you wish you did on a more regular basis?


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  1. Always a challenge when dealing with the latin based languages – went through the same with french. I really think, the best way to master the language – total immersion. Even if he gets frustrated, you will only learn from practice! I also find it helpful to read as much as possible. While Danielle Steel is not my first choice of authors, she is perfect in french – the plot is easy enough to follow and the language is the challenge! Tried reading her in Spanish, but that was too advanced for me at the time – perhaps a tween author would help. Good luck!

    • That’s a great idea to read a basic book in the language you want to learn. I know they say to master a language, listen to the news because they talk slow and talk very proper.

      Thanks and good luck with your future language efforts also! I know your bucket list is very long, but I’m sure you have a few “master a language” ticks on there!


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