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Link of the Day: The Maze

The Huffington Post:  Publishing Infographic: How a Book is Born


Those of you who have actually had a book published, or attempted to, tell us: is it really like this?!

Happy Wednesday All!



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  1. I had heard the “horror” stories behind traditional publishing – from the endless rejection slips to the battles with publishers over royalties and such. I took the “easy” way out and self-published – as in I buy my own ISBNs, design my own book covers, write the book (I do have a professional editor, I’m not that crazy)…I do my own marketing, plan my own events, etc. The only things I don’t do are print and bind the actual books. Oh, and the bar codes, I don’t do those either. LOL.

  2. This makes my head hurt…I think self-publishing is the way to go these days. I can’t even follow this chart.


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