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The Unknown World of Screenwriting

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Whether it’s a short story, novel, memoir, or screenplay, each medium has its own specific format and general “rules” to follow when writing.  I have written many short stories, have started a few novels, and have a lifetime worth of journals stored up for a memoir, however have never attempted to write a screenplay.

Yes, I have thought about it, but writing a movie script has only been an idea stuck in my head.  The thought of writing one intrigues me and terrifies me at the same time.  How cool would it be to see my original story on the big screen!, I think to myself.  And yet the thought, But I don’t know anything about writing screenplays, instantly follows.

Recently, however, the appeal of the unknown has outweighed the intimidating reality, and I have decided to attempt writing my very first screenplay.  I began today researching the formatting and “rules” (I quote “rules” because I am a firm believer that rules, especially when it comes to writing, are meant to be broken) of a script, and have found that it is a very technical medium.  Screenplays must look a certain way (even the font is specific!), must be written to show, not tell, and ultimately must be adaptable.  While a novel, short story, etc., features every detail in order for the reader to fully comprehend and engage what the writer intended, it seems that a screenplay is more of an outline; an outline that later may be changed, or even completely rewritten by a director, producer, or another scriptwriter.  This scares me!

So, with that all said, and before I even start writing, I have a request.  I know that WordPress is a network of talented and experienced writers, some of who have been crafting the art of writing for years.  My request to all of you bloggers is to help me start my screenplay.  

Have any of you ever written, or attempted to write one?  What advice can you give me, and anyone else who wishes to jump into the creative outlet of screenwriting?  I would greatly appreciate any help, advice, or comments!

 Thanks in advance and happy writing all!



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  1. My current work in progress started out in screen play form because I envisioned it as a television series first. I also took a screen writing class while in my master’s program. We used software called Final Cut (if I remember correctly). It did all the formatting for me. Worked wonderfully. There’s a website I believe where you can look up screen plays of popular movies, I apologize I don’t remember what it is, but I’m sure a quick Google search will give you what you need. Read a couple to get a feel for the way successful screen plays are written. Good luck, and I’ll be looking forward to reading about your progress.

    • Did you ever finish your screenplay? I have used Final Cut to edit video, and yes, that is a good software.

      Thanks so much for your advice! I’ll definitely look for some scripts of popular movies like you suggested.

      Thanks again!



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