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Daily Question: What Every Child Deserves

Daily Question by Thought Questions


I think that every child deserves to dream big.

I know that some parents try to encourage their children to stay out of their heads and focus on reality, or to stop drawing in their room and to make some friends, or to get their nose out of a book and go outside to play.  Of course, children need variety, and drawing, reading, and daydreaming all day is not healthy or ideal, but allowing children the option to dream is very important.  One part of childhood is believing in magic and things that most adults have grown out of, and children are beautiful because of this ability.  I think it’s important for parents to encourage creativity, imagination, and unrealistic goals.

As a kid, I had a wild imagination and unrealistic dreams of the future (and still do).  And because of that, I have adapted the mind set that nothing is impossible, and with enough work, anything can be achieved.  Dreaming big has also allowed me to be a more open-minded person, which also helps me be a better writer.  I’m the girl, at the age of 22, who still believes in unicorns and mermaids, has trust that good people will stay the same and bad people can change, and that each one of us has the ability to make an impact on the world.  Realistic?  I don’t know, but it allows me to sleep better at night.



What do you think every child deserves?


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